Fatigue Risk Management Solutions

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Fatigue Risk Management

Fatigue-related risk is a growing issue – and a global one. As industries increasingly service extended hours and shift work patterns, work-related fatigue has emerged as a symptom of the new business landscape.

A comprehensive fatigue risk management solution is vital both to manage the risks and meet work safety regulations. Those businesses that recognise the risks will be best placed to understand the issues, and control them with confidence.

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  • FAID Fatigue Assessment Tool

    FAID Fatigue Assessment Tool

    This internationally recognised biomathematical model analyses and presents the data that illuminates the hours of work related fatigue exposure for any organisation that wants to manage extended hours more effectively.

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  • InterDynamics’s Risk Based Approach

    InterDynamics' Risk Based Approach

    InterDynamics’ Risk-Based Approach is your best protection against work-related fatigue. By assessing a wide range of variable factors, we can help you manage the risks in a way that’s statistically sound and tailored to your business

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