Fatigue Risk Management Solutions

FAID Standard

FAID Standard

The FAID Fatigue Assessment Tool has been developed by InterDynamics using algorithms and formulae based on the results of research undertaken by Professor Drew Dawson and Dr. Adam Fletcher at the University of South Australia’s Centre for Sleep Research in South Australia.

FAID is an effective tool for the analysis of planned or actual Hours of Work from which indicative fatigue levels for individuals, or groups, can be determined. The results can then be used to help manage the risks associated with fatigue.

The latest release of FAID Standard (v2.2) incorporates increased information, a revised user experience, additional features and a brand new look.

The current FAID User Guide is available here.

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FAID 330

This product is generally used by smaller organisations. FAID 330 contains all of the functionality found in FAID Standard and is capable of analysing Hours of Work data covering up to:

  • 3 months (12 weeks), and
  • 30 people at a time.

Download a free evaluation version of FAID 303E.

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FAID 101

This product has been developed to enable a single user to analyse their own Hours of Work. It contains similar functionality to that found in FAID Standard, but for only a single individual.

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