Planimate V11 Released

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There’s been significant Planimate development over the last year.

Releases have moved from idBase (which is being retired) to InterDynamics’ new licensing system.


From Version 11 onward, Planimate uses a new license file.

Please contact InterDynamics to arrange upgrading your existing license and a login on the new system.


You can email to:




The latest Planimate full installer release (11.5.14) is available for free evaluation here:


The Installer includes new and updated introduction models and the Version 11 features listed below.




The same Planimate installation runs in different ways depending on the license file. You can change the license on-the-fly from the Help menu.


The license types are:


* A time limited but otherwise mostly unrestricted demo.

* NEW: An Educational version which limits the model size

but otherwise will run perpetually.

* A Developer version (old Level 3) which runs

perpetually and entitles you to a year of updates.

* An Application Compiler version (old level 4) which

adds to the Developer version one year of unlimited “PBA” Application

Compilation, enabling you to compile EXEs that do not need a license.

* NEW: “No Key Demo” which runs without a license and

gives demo functionality without save of models.




Planimate 11 has seen much development including:

* UI improvements that streamline use, by beginners as well as

advanced developers.

* Full UNICODE support.

* Drag-And-Drop modules from a list in the sidebar.

* Copy and Paste multiple objects between Planimate windows.

* New easy to use “Stat” and “Graph” modules which are useful

for beginners. The modules themselves can be opened

for customisation and learning. They use some neat new capabilities.

* Many fixes.




Work is underway on Planimate Version 12 which adds Length/Speed based Conveyors, the ability to pause a Delay (used to be known as a

MultiServer) and enhancements to other objects that enable them to be combined in new ways that can handle situations that previously needed coding.


We continue to build on latent capabilities that distinguish Planimate in the simulation market.

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