Planimate Rail Simulation Software

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Rail Simulation Software

Simulation is a powerful tool that has revolutionized the way we plan and operate railways. With the help of simulation software, it is possible to create accurate rail simulation models that can provide valuable insights into railway systems and logistics networks. Railways consist of many moving parts and interactions on track and at terminals. A simulation model is the perfect way to analyse every element of a network. Planimate is one such rail simulation software that offers a user-friendly interface for creating detailed rail simulations.

An Overview of Planimate’s Capabilities

Planimate is a discrete event simulation software that can be used to model all facets of a rail system. It offers a wide range of features, including the ability to model rail networks, trains, locomotives, signals, and routes. Planimate also enables the user to create and edit timetables, connect and link depots or terminals, and simulate different train characteristics.

Examples of Planimate’s Use in Railway Simulation

One of the most significant benefits of Planimate is its ability to model complex railway systems. For example, it can be used to simulate freight and passenger trains, railway infrastructure, and railway operations. Planimate can also be used to model different scenarios, such as bottlenecks, layout changes, and capacity constraints, to help optimize rail operations.

Another key advantage of Planimate is its user interface, which is designed to be flexible and easy to use. This makes it an ideal tool for rail engineers, planners, and other professionals who need a platform to better understand their network and make informed decisions based on their analysis.

Planimate features track items to simplify the building of a rail network which allow users to define the number of roads and control maintenance or speed restrictions.

In addition, Planimate provides technical support and expertise to help users make the most of its features. This includes assistance with programming and input/output processing, as well as the ability to customize simulation models to meet specific requirements.

Optimizing Rail Operations with Planimate

By using Planimate, professionals can gain valuable insight into rail operations and make data-driven decisions to optimize these operations. For example, they can use Planimate to create detailed rail simulation models that offer a realistic representation of railway systems and operations. This can help identify bottlenecks and capacity constraints, optimize train schedules and routes, and improve the efficiency of transport operations.

Planimate also enables users to simulate different scenarios, such as changes to railway infrastructure, rollingstock and maintenance schedules. By simulating these scenarios, users can gain a better understanding of their impact on the operation, identify potential solutions and determine the most efficient investment options.

Modelling the impact of variation is another feature of Planimate. Rather than planning with averages, Planimate allows variables to be entered as a distribution e.g. travel times or loading times. This gives you the ability to measure the impact variability has on your capacity and help you determine what buffers or additional infrastructure are required in your network e.g. passing loops, duplication, holding roads, additional locos etc.

Finally, Planimate offers a range of tools that enable users to maximize the efficiency of operations. This includes the ability to analyze networks and schedules, optimize train acceleration and braking, and improve the adhesion of freight cars.


In summary, Planimate is a powerful railway simulation software that can help rail professionals optimize their operations. By providing detailed rail simulation models, simulating different scenarios, and offering a range of optimization tools, Planimate can provide valuable insight into railway systems and operations. With its user-friendly interface and technical support, Planimate is an ideal tool for rail engineers, planners, and other professionals who need to simulate rail operations and make data-driven decisions.


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