MSID is the Materiel Sustainability Tool by InterDynamics that was devised from our many years of experience in discrete event simulation and risk management. This software tool enables you to model the full lifecycle of a fleet of vehicles or other machinery as well as the supporting infrastructure required to run your operations at their optimum.

Using the Planimate simulation engine, MSID provides detailed insight into the operational side of fleet management. Your entire fleet can be simulated from the smallest support vehicle through to railway rolling stock or transport planes. Each individual element is tracked from its introduction through to retirement. The vehicle or machinery is modelled in sufficient detail to keep track of not only the planned maintenance regimen, but also the likely modes of failure of the major components.

The information gathered from your fleet behaviour is combined with details relating to your maintenance and repair facilities. Each repair facility is modelled independently with the number and type of trades-people, specialised equipment availability and spare parts stock levels. With details relating to time, staff and equipment requirements for standard maintenance activities as well as emergency repairs, MSID can determine the optimum maintenance facility for a repair or maintenance activity to be assigned to.

Finally, MSID can also represent a variety of business operating rules and monitor and record contract bonus and penalty clause activation. Impacts of staffing availability and requirements for overtime may also be assessed.

With this information, MSID can simulate lifecycle modelling of your fleet over the course of months, years or decades. During each run MSID will collect information such as:

  • vehicle availability,
  • repair facility utilisation,
  • failure rates and repair times,
  • spare parts consumption
  • contract or service quality penalties or bonuses, and
  • all key cost and revenue drivers.

With the powerful simulation engine behind all this data, it is possible to run multiple scenarios of your operations using different fleet components, staffing levels and business rules. Utilising the key cost, revenue and service quality/contract compliance data collected from each scenario it is possible for a user to determine the appropriate balance of capital investment against operating costs. Furthermore you may then locate the constraints and weaknesses within the operations and identify the optimal solution to relieve them.

MSID Successes

MSID has been successfully used to support several large scale Public-Private Partnership bids including two separate multi-billion dollar bids by Downer EDI Rail (Australia) and Hitachi Rail (UK). A version of MSID has been used by the Australian Defence Forces in a number of Materiel Sustainability projects.

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