Planimate Training and Support

Our Planimate platform is never more powerful than when it is in the hands of skilled clients using it to develop their own tools. To facilitate this process, InterDynamics offers a number of Planimate training courses:

Introduction to Planimate
This valuable introduction explores the features and benefits of Planimate, through hands on training. It covers many introductory modelling tools and techniques, as well as a guide on the usage of Planimate.

Advanced Planimate
Students in this course will be introduced to several advanced modelling techniques and features of the Planimate platform.

Advanced Tracks
This advanced course explores the use of Planimate’s track features to develop rail based models.

In addition, we are also happy to provide customised Planimate training. By aligning training to the specific needs of our clients, we can help them optimise their use of Planimate to suit their operational requirements.

In addition to these structured training opportunities, a number of technical support mechanisms are also available to Planimate license holders.