Building Tailored Decision Support Solutions

A tailored Decision Support Solution delivers vital insights into the operational performance of a business, shedding new light on management decisions. Making it a valuable investment in the decision making process.

At InterDynamics, we have a wealth of experience in building tailored solutions, including logistics planning for the Sydney Olympics and truck scheduling for the World Trade Center reconstruction. Our expertise extends from manpower planning for loco engineers, to complex supply chains comprising trucks, trains, barges, ships and planes.

To ensure that decisions can be taken with greater confidence, we will work closely with clients to establish a rigorous functional specification. We will then create a model with sufficient detail to support the decision while ensuring that appropriate simplifications help minimise the data and time requirements. Other client benefits include:

  • Flexible applications that can be rapidly adapted to client needs
  • Standalone solutions or applications that can be integrated into corporate data systems
  • Full service offering, including design, implementation, support, analysis and training
  • Direct contact with developers, allowing emerging needs to be communicated and managed