Decision Support Software Development

We can develop Decision Support Software according to a specification but we know that not every business knows exactly what they want or need. When engaging with us, InterDynamics can dedicate a resource who will:

  • fully understand your business process
  • capture your business logic and decision making rules
  • grow your teams understanding of your operation
  • help you scope your requirements at the appropriate level of detail

Software Development

Our Decision Support Software is built for you. Each client is unique so our systems are are bespoke as opposed to adapting an off the shelf product.

We also understand you may not know what is possible until the development process starts. That is why we prefer to work in stages. This keeps you informed of progress and in complete control. Your users also get to learn the system gradually and have input into future development.

Project Delivery That Exceeds Expectation

We will understand your business before we start to build your system. Clients often ask us “is it possible to do x”? The answer is always “Yes” and you will have the ability to change, add or delete functionality throughout a project.

Our clients are never surprised by a large, complex installation. Instead, they are continually confirming direction, testing the progressive build and showing off the latest version of their animated Decision Support System.

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Decision Support Software

Personalised Service

Our service is personalised and delivered by a team of experienced analysts and developers. We assist you to focus on what is important and how a system should add value.

Our iterative approach keeps our clients informed and in control to ensure that the outcome is truly useful and relevant.

Rapid Prototyping

Our developers can give you the first prototype in days not months. This should ensure you are comfortable with the project direction and also to help get buy in from your team.