Health Care Model

Simulation of Health Care Facilities to analyse capacity
Health Care Model panel

Health Care Model - A Simulation Demonstration

Decision Support for Health Care Facilities

A Health Care Model will be useful during the facility design stage, when considering operational improvements, or reacting to seasonality/significant events such as increased demand from a pandemic.

We welcome you to download this demonstration Health Care model and see what a Decision Support Model could look like for your business. InterDynamics creates custom decision support tools for our clients which are built 100% to your specifications.

Discrete Event Simulation Modelling

Using our Planimate discrete event simulation platform we can model patients individually moving through a facility. Using your processes and logic we create an animated model that allows you to compare, assess and visualise the outcomes. See where patients are queuing, which services are the bottlenecks or conversely which services or areas are under utilised.

Test Multiple Scenarios

A decision support system allows you to try endless scenarios. Using your data to drive the simulations you can test operational or design changes and obtain the outcomes quickly using simulation. For a Health Care model you may want to explore:

  • Impacts on patient numbers
  • Medical equipment numbers
  • Outcomes of processing times
  • Additional health services offered
  • Room layouts

Additionally, InterDynamics has been developing work scheduling (rostering) tools that include our personal fatigue assessment algorithm in our FAID Quantum software. These can easily be incorporated into a Decision Support System to test the effect on staffing levels or validate rosters.

Decision Support Systems Enable Rapid Analysis

Graphical and Tabular Key Performance Indicators

A decision support system needs to help you answer questions. We display the results you need in the format you want.

Out models focus on YOUR KPIs to show an overall outcome of the simulation, and use a ‘drill down approach’ to see detail as required for deeper analysis.

In our Health Care Model demo we show a range of data including:

  • Tabular summary of patient throughput
  • Queues for each medical service
  • Utilisation Gantt of each service
  • Detailed log of each patient’s movements

Additionally, while the model is running you are able to click on a Doctor icon to see the activity occurring in that room.

InterDynamics works WITH YOU to ensure a great result

In business for over 25 years InterDynamics knows how to build great decision support systems. We also recognise that our clients have the experts to explain the business processes and logic that needs to be modelled. We work in partnership with you to combine this knowledge and our technical expertise with our world class simulation software Planimate to build you a system that works.