Decision Support will help you make the decisions that matter

Can you make the right decision without a decision support system? Important decisions have far-reaching consequences. So the planning, scheduling and logistics decisions that are made in you organisation invariably come with a degree of responsibility – and uncertainty.

Can you react and make changes when new challenges arise such as the issues caused by the Corona Virus?

Changes to your business need to be approached with care to make sure that decisions are being taken with the best information and evidence available. The question is… how do you ensure you have the best information available to you?

The InterDynamics team of developers all have over 15 years of simulation modeling experience across a range of industries and projects including:

  • Rail scheduling and capacity planning
  • Supply chain modelling and planning
  • Supply Chain simulation software
  • Worforkce rostering, scheduling and capacity planning
  • Port capacity planning
  • Truck scheduling (including the Sydney Olympics and Office Towers in Manhattan)
  • Logistics simulation for feasibility studies
  • Barge Scheduling

Using our discrete event simulation software Planimate, we can build you a Decision Support Solution that will provide incredible analysis capability for your operation. With your data and your business rules you can run endless scenarios to find the improvements that will make an impact.

InterDynamics are no strangers to self isolation. We have worked from our home offices since 2007 for clients all over the world.

Tailored Decision Support software solutions

Shed new light on your own unique management decisions. We can tailor a software solution that meets the specific needs of your business, delivering vital insights into operational performance in the process.

A Decision Support System will let you test and analyse the scenarios you need by varying your key business inputs such as:

  • fleet number & size
  • stockpile sizes
  • process times
  • travel times
  • queuing capacity
  • supply and demand

With experience across the Rail, Mining, Marine and Manufacturing industries, InterDynamics can talk your language and ensure value from your investment.

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Planimate is the discrete event simulation software behind InterDynamics’ world-class planning and scheduling systems. Powerful, visible and verifiable, Planimate transforms the decision making process, putting animation at the heart of systems planning.

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