Our Decision Support Products

InterDynamics will create a Decision Support System that fits exactly with your requirements. We do have the following standard products available immediately and can be customised as required.


G13 Railway Operations Model

The G13 Railways Operations Model is used to describe railway transport business scenarios. Developed over more than two decades of experience in railway operations, the G13 ROM uses arithmetic links between the market, engineering and operations to assist in the analysis of railway business operational strategies. The analytical capability of the G13 ROM allows an analyst to examine the efficacy of existing business plans or investigate new options relating to the financial, engineering and operational aspects of a railway.

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Examining London's metropolitan rail network

Examining London’s metropolitan rail network

MSID is the Materiel Sustainability Tool by InterDynamics that was devised from our many years of experience in discrete event simulation and risk management. This tool enables you to investigate the full lifecycle of a fleet of vehicles or other machinery as well as the supporting infrastructure required to run your operations at their optimum.

MSID provides detailed insight into the operational side of fleet management. Your entire fleet can be simulated from the smallest support vehicle through to railway rolling stock or transport planes. Each individual element is tracked from its introduction through to retirement. The vehicle or machinery is modelled in sufficient detail to keep track of not only the planned maintenance regimen, but also the likely modes of failure of the major components.

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