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Logistics Networks - Supply Chain Sim

The smarter way to improve your logistics modelling

Investigate your supply chain's performance

Take your level of knowledge to the next level. Use Supply Chain Sim to build an animated simulation model of your own supply chain. Visualise the product flow and experiment with different layouts, parameters and transport types. Use the Key Performance Indicator’s (KPI’s) to quantify results.

Take your modelling beyond spreadsheets

Simulation modelling can be time consuming and expensive so most look for answers in static spreadsheets. Supply Chain Sim allows you to model your supply chain with the advantage of allowing variation in all key processes such as production rates, loading time and travel duration.

Understand your logistics network

Use drag-and-drop tools to create your logistics network, allowing you to identify bottle necks and find opportunities for improvement.

Perform your supply chain analysis fast


Load your own map, create and link your locations, and define your fleets. Anyone can create their own animated model.

Expand your thinking

Supply Chain Sim makes it easy to test a wide range of changes to your network:

  • What if we used fewer, but bigger, trucks?
  • What if we added a warehouse, or used a train?
  • What if we could load faster or had more loading bays?
  • What if we reduced our stockpile size?
  • What if demand increased?
Supply Chain Sim - Detailed reporting and charts

Find the data that answers your strategic questions

Graphical and Tabular Key Performance Indicators

Supply Chain Sim gives you the data you need. A range of charts and tables are instantly available to measure performance, including:

  • Inventory movement through the network
  • Display stockpile levels over time
  • View indicators for an entire fleet, or drill down to examine an individual vehicle
  • Loading bay utilisation
  • Queuing statistics throughout your network

Make an impact with powerful presentations

Get the attention of your audience with an animation of your supply chain. Incorporating a simulation into your presentation takes your analysis to the next level.

Multiple Scenarios

Each network can be saved as a scenario to be loaded again at a later time. You can model different options or different locations.

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