I am having trouble entering and manipulating data for importing, what do you recommend?

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Spreadsheets are a good way to assemble a lot of data and provide the ability to manipulate shifts. Below is an example of how to use the ‘Quick Roster’ spreadsheet.

Utilising some additional columns (Day, Shift Length, Time To Next Shift [Days, Time]) you can enter one date and time in the first Start shift, and the rest of the required FAID Quantum columns of data (ID#, Start, End) can be calculated ready for copying and pasting back into FAID Quantum using pre-developed formulas.


  1. To start, enter the first Start date and time (example: E5).
  2. For the shift (row) enter the Shift Length (HH:MM) and Time To Next Shift (Days and/or Time).
  3. Next, the cell containing the End date will have the calculation:
    = Start cell + corresponding Shift Length.
    ( F5 = +E5 + H5 )
  4. Then, the following Start Date will have the calculation:
    = previous End Time To Next Shift [ Days ] and [ Time ] ( E6 = +F5 +J5 +K5 )
  5. Go back to Step 2., and repeat for as many shifts necessary.
  6. When finished, copy to the clipboard the data under the highlighted FAID Quantum data columns (ID#, Start, End)



  1. Then, return to FAID Quantum and in Inputs – Work Schedule 1 (or 2) click the paste from clipboard button.

You now have the ability to manipulate a roster by changing the Shift Length and Time to Next Shift data on the spreadsheet.

Download the spreadsheet –

Quick Work Schedule Creator
Quick Work Schedule Creator
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