FAID Quantum Training

FAID Quantum is often the starting point for an organisation that’s seeking to tackle the complex issues around fatigue risk management.  It is often the foundation that supports a comprehensive Fatigue Risk Management Solution.

In order to make the most of the FAID Quantum software, it is important to receive proper training. For this reason, we have developed FAID Quantum software user training that also includes:

  • Introduction to the science of human fatigue
  • The basis of biomathematical models (BMM), their features, strengths and weaknesses
  • How to use a BMM and what it should not be used for
FAID Quantum Fatigue Assessment Tool

The training sets three clear objectives:

  • Learn the functionality of the FAID Quantum software
  • Understand the use of FAID Quantum within the context of a Fatigue Risk Management Solution
  • Interpret and use the output scores from FAID Quantum correctly

Our training also demonstrates how FAID Quantum can be used to support the decision-making process, when designing rosters or adding shifts to working rosters for instance.

The training can be up to four hours in duration and InterDynamics offers two options:

  • On-site workshops which are best suited to groups of 8 attendees or less; and
  • Webinar training, which is best suited to groups of four or less.  NOTE:  these webinars can be delivered over several sessions, minimum 1 hour blocks.

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