Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS) Management Workshops

FRMS Management Workshops can be used to engage and inform your management team on general fatigue management issues or those specific to your organisation. These workshops can be used at the start of your FRMS program to provide general awareness and information, or once data has been gathered on the fatigue related risks within your work site.

FRMS Management Workshops can include:

  • General fatigue awareness training
  • Discussion on the core elements of an effective FRMS
  • Review of hours of work fatigue exposures
  • Discussing results of Fatigue Hazard Analysis risk assessments
  • Review of Managing Fatigue Survey results
  • Workshopping appropriate action plans and next steps
  • Organisational fatigue risk grading (GRAID FRMS) reviews
  • Relevant case studies

These management workshops provide an invaluable opportunity to reach a shared understanding of the issues, and commitment from key stakeholders to the process and way forward. Management team attendees gain confidence through the process to proactively oversee and provide leadership on this important issue.

Organisational fatigue risk grading (GRAID FRMS) reviews

With all the key stakeholders and managers together, this workshop provides a perfect opportunity to perform a grading of your organisational fatigue risk profile. A GRAID FRMS review is a highly interactive process that engages and draws on your business metrics and management team’s experience to bring greater clarity to potential exposures, and assist in the prioritisation of risk reduction strategies. The process often results in managers also gaining greater insights into the general operations of the business and a fuller appreciation of all of the factors contributing to fatigue in the workplace, as well as the range of treatments possible in it’s risk management system.

GRAID FRMS is an organisational fatigue risk-grading tool, used to rate the adequacy of current and future safeguards, making up an organisation’s Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS). 24 fatigue grading elements or risk factors, assigned varying levels of importance, are reviewed. At the end of the review an overall grading is determined, providing feedback on the level of protection of your FRMS against fatigue-related risks.

GRAID FRMS Grading Details noting Risk Factors, Importance and Exposure as it is now and what the organisation wishes it to be

GRAID FRMS Grading Details showing Risk Factors, their Importance and the Exposure as it is now and what the organisation wishes it to be.

InterDynamics, Zurich Risk Engineering and Integrated Safety Support have developed the organisational fatigue risk grading system to provide senior and operational managers with a systematic methodology to ascertain the quality of their organisational risks associated with fatigue. Information from the grading process can be used to enhance the development and implementation of fatigue risk management initiatives.

This systematic assessment tool gives participants the opportunity to express their views on fatigue-related exposures and risks that are grounded both in objective data as well as participants’ experience.

Applied as a benchmarking tool, GRAID FRMS can be used at a later stage to compare current and past results to document any achievements and changes in the organisation’s FRMS.

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