FRMS Policy and Procedure Development

Policies and procedures are the foundations around which an effective Fatigue Risk Management Solution is built, and include monitoring systems and incident/accident procedures. InterDynamics can help devise these policies and procedures, and guide a business and its employees towards a safer, more productive way of working.

Fatigue safe policies typically focus on:

  • establishing and maintaining a fatigue safety culture within the organisation
  • educating all employees about fatigue, fatigue risks, and the management of fatigue
  • adopting consultative fatigue risk management practices
  • facilitating a just culture in the reporting of fatigue
  • recognising that operations should not be performed by individuals impaired such that life or property is endangered
Balancing Exposure and Controls in an effective FRMS

An effective FRMS balances Exposure and Controls

A GRAID™ FRMS review can assist in the assessment and development of fatigue management policies and procedures.

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