Sleep Studies

Using objective, quantitative and self-reported data streams, Sleep Studies investigate how work hours, sleep and performance interact within the workforce.

Using objective and self-reported data related to sleep, performance, fatigue and other relevant measures builds deep understanding about current work practices and reduces any emotional opinions about work hours, fatigue, performance etc, by balancing the conversations using relevant data from your workforce.  The studies use technology to enhance your company’s ability to understand relationships between different sources of data including work hours, sleep, safety metrics, time of day, etc.

Standard Studies include collection of objective sleep data using non-invasive Activity Monitors in conjunction with hours of work and self-reported fatigue data.  Activity Monitors are actigraphy-based data loggers that record gross motor activity in high resolution.

Each Activity Monitor is equipped with a highly sensitive set of accelerometers affording an objective indicator of sleep schedule variability, sleep quality and sleep quality metrics.   The Activity Monitor is worn like a wristwatch at all times except whilst showering, swimming and playing sports.

Advanced Studies also include objective performance measures throughout the 24-hour day using the Psychomotor Vigilance Task (PVT) which is delivered via an iPad App.   The PVT is a reaction-timed task requiring sustained attention that measures the speed with which subjects respond to visual stimulus.  The PVT is among the most widely-used means of measuring behavioural alertness objectively.  Research indicates that increased sleep deficit correlates with deteriorated alertness, slower problem-solving, declined psychomotor skills, and an increased rate of false responding, that is, reduced performance.

These services are provided in conjunction with our Alliance Partner Integrated Safety Support.

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