Melbourne TrainState of Victoria – High Capacity Metro Trains

The State Government requested bids to build 37 high capacity metro trains for the Melbourne Metro. InterDynamics was requested by Downer Rail to provide the simulation model to assist in analysing and costing the bid.

What did we do?

InterDynamics used its Asset Lifecycle Management product, MSID,  which investigates the full lifecycle analysis of a fleet of vehicles, machinery and supporting infrastructure required to run an operation. In this application the model was supplied with the failures modes, effects and rates for each significant component of the train. Additional source data included:

  • servicing intervals and costs
  • spare part costs
  • proposed timetables
  • service facility locations and size
  • workforce types, sizes and rosters

During a simulation, trains  present to meet the timetable demand. At the end of a service they are cleaned, serviced as required and put back into the available fleet. When breakdowns occurred the train is taken out of service and repaired through a workshop that can perform the required tasks.

Workshops are configured to allow different rosters for different tradespeople, more or less workshop bays and specialised equipment.

Having a configurable simulation model allowed the project team to analyse many scenarios and gain confidence in their results. When the tender was extended to 65 trains at a very late stage it also allowed the project team to rapidly perform the additional analysis.

The Result.

The Downer Rail team was part of the consortia selected by the Government to build the 65 trains for Melbourne


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