Planimate® Simulation Software

Animated, discrete event simulation software by InterDynamics

Dynamic Models For Your Dynamic Environment

Spreadsheets cannot replicate the random variation encountered in typical processes – particularly when these process interface with others. A simulation model lets you incorporate the natural distribution on each process, and then test the impact variation is having on your business.

You can then model potential improvements and determine the most cost effective improvements. For example, should I invest in more inventory storage, should I upgrade a machine, should I work on reducing the variability. These are typical questions that a simulation model can measure, justify and answer.

Planimate is animated and shows your business operating over time, not a static snapshot. Let Planimate deliver clarity from your complexity.

Visualise Your Business

Discrete Event Simulation Software lets you answer complex questions and make better decisions. Planimate enables animated and dynamic modeling for any size operation.

Our powerful discrete event simulation software enables the creation of highly interactive and animated models for a wide range of dynamic systems, including:

  • Logistics networks
  • Pit to Port supply chains
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing
  • Scheduling and rostering of assets
  • Workforce scheduling, rostering and capacity planning
  • Decision support systems
  • Maintenance planning
  • Proof of concept testing and feasibility modeling

Planimate is an application development environment, designed and developed by InterDynamics.

Make better decisions. Faster!

Your business is complex and mistakes are costly. Using Planimate to model your operation gives you the ability to understand the interactions, test scenarios, analyse results and make better decisions. Creating a digital twin with our simulation software is the ideal way to plan your business improvement before implementing changes.

Planimate allows you to visualise your operation. Where are queues forming? Where is inventory building? Using Planimate allows you to quickly make changes and measure the difference in your scenarios.

Multi-purpose Simulation Software

Planimate is comprehensive, discrete event simulation software. It can develop:

  • animated discrete event simulation models of a wide range of system types
  • standalone software applications based on these discrete event simulation models
  • planning and scheduling systems
  • feasibility studies and business simulation
  • logistics planning systems
  • pit to port supply chain models
  • crew rostering solutions
  • montecarlo simulation

Planimate allows you to create a dynamic model at any level of detail. You can create a complex national rail network or a simple manufacturing process.

Click Play below to see a Planimate simulation model

decision support software

InterDynamics Decision Support Solutions

InterDynamics has developed the Planimate Simulation Software in Australia for over 30 years and created models for clients around the world. Our modelling experts will work with you to understand your requirements and develop a model that gives you the answers you need and is simple to use.

Training Resources

Our team of Developers are on hand to make sure Planimate works for you. Additionally, InterDynamics offers online or in-room training to get you working productively. Finally, a comprehensive knowledge base can be found on our Planimate Wiki.

The Planimate Difference

Planimate is distinguished by its low operating costs, mainstream hardware requirements, openness and interoperability. Lighting fast run speeds allow you to run more scenarios and get results faster. It is powerful simulation software, made yet more effective by the operating skills and experience of the InterDynamics team. It is this combination of technical expertise and industry know-how that ensures our capability offering stands alone.

Download Planimate

Planimate LITE is now available at no cost for educational and non commercial purposes. It runs on any recent Windows PC with minimal installation and without the need to purchase a license. This makes Planimate LITE perfect for use in schools and universities.

Planimate LITE does not include a number of features available in full Planimate, most notably Track Network Modelling. To download the full featured Planimate demo click here.

To discuss Planimate or purchase a full version please Contact Us.