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You can trial FAID Quantum Fatigue Assessment Tool for free by signing up to FAID Quantum Web Service or by downloading FAID Quantum Windows Desktop.

FAID Quantum Web Service – Sign up for a free trial account now

FAID Quantum Web Service is the newest addition to our offerings. It offers the convenience of being accessible from any internet connected device. FAID Quantum Web Service provides the basic FAID Quantum outputs with a modernised user interface. The trial version of FAID Quantum Web Service will analyse data for one person/roster for up to seven days. To access this trial version, sign up for a free account at

FAID Quantum Windows Desktop – Download a free trial version now

The trial version of FAID Quantum Windows Desktop is time limited and will analyse data for up to three weeks of three people/rosters. To download this trial version, please submit the registration form below. Click here for system requirements.

Before downloading FAID Quantum, please ensure you have read the FAID Quantum Trial User License. Our privacy policy is also available.

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