Our Fatigue Risk Management Products

InterDynamics offer a range of products to assist your organisation on its journey towards a robust Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS).

The association between hours of work and occupational health and safety outcomes is widely accepted and InterDynamics can assist your organisation to identify fatigue risk exposure and track the effects of associated improvements to hours of work.

InterDynamics’ fatigue risk management products allow policy makers and organisations to manage and audit work-related fatigue in a systematic and practical way.

  • FAID Quantum – a quantum leap forward in biomathematical modelling for fatigue risk management. FAID Quantum software offers highly accurate sleep-wake prediction with outputs in two scales, KSS and FAID Score.  The biomathematical models incorporated in FAID Quantum are based on real-world data, are peer-reviewed and documented scientific models.
  • GRAID FRMS – an organisational fatigue grading tool used to rate the adequacy of current and future safeguards which make up an organisation’s FRMS.
  • HAZAID – used during a Fatigue Hazard Analysis (FHA) to record various fatigue hazard scenarios, assess the risk and formulate controls to mitigate the risk.  Highly visual and interactive HAZAID ensures a high standard is maintained for information captured during the workshop process.
  • GRAID IT – rates the likelihood of fatigue contributing to an accident or incident and supports organisations in the ongoing improvement of their FRMS.
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