Manage Fatigue with Fatigue Risk Management Services

In order to offer businesses a comprehensive Fatigue Risk Management (FRM) Solution, InterDynamics provides a range of consulting services that support our Risk-Based Approach. These services support you to identify, control and manage fatigue risk; allowing a business to incorporate multiple layers of protection to manage work-related fatigue risks more effectively.

Our services complement each other whilst working in different ways to reduce the risks associated with workplace fatigue. Click on the individual services below to find out more about each one.

Consulting Services

FRMS Management Workshops

Fatigue Risk Management Workshop

Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS) Management Workshops have been designed to engage and inform management teams on how to manage fatigue in the workplace  and are often conducted at the start of an organisation’s program to implement an FRMS.

Hours of Work Diagnostics

manage fatigue

Hours of Work Diagnostics examine planned or actual rosters and provide a commentary on organisational fatigue exposure associated with hours of work.  Reports can be used to preview fatigue exposure when roster changes are planned, build rosters with agreed fatigue exposure levels and audit actual hours of work to ensure compliance within agreed exposure levels.

Managing Fatigue Surveys

Managing Fatigue Survey

Managing Fatigue Surveys are ten minute questionnaires for employees to complete and provide valuable insight into the individual’s experience of fatigue and fatigue management within an organisation.  The anonymous surveys can be completed on-line or as a hard copy.  The completed questionnaires are collated, analysed and a report is prepared for the organisation.

Sleep Studies

Sleep Studies investigate how work hours, sleep and performance interact within the workforce.  Standard studies include collection of objective sleep data using non-invasive wrist-worn ‘sleep monitor’ devices in conjunction with hours of work and self-reported fatigue data.  Advanced studies include objective performance throughout the 24-hour day using the Psychomotor Vigilance Task (PVT).

Manage Fatigue Training Workshops

Manage Fatigue Training Workshops

Managing Fatigue Training Workshops provide answers to questions relating to fatigue and its impact on the workplace.  The workshops are designed to engage employees who work non-traditional hours and inform them about the risks associated with fatigue.

FHA Risk Assessment

Fatigue Hazard Analysis Risk Assessment

Fatigue Hazard Analysis Risk Assessment Workshops focus on a single task group of employees (e.g. pilots, nurses or mine workers) and typically run for 1.5 – 2 days.  A number of workshop objectives are covered, e.g. identifing tasks or day-to-day activities that are considered to present the greatest fatigue-related risks, creating a Hazard Catalogue assigning risk likelihood and consequences and developing improvement actions for the highest-risk hazards.

FAID Quantum Training

FAID Quantum Training

FAID Quantum Training is designed to make the most of the FAID Quantum software and for this reason we’ve developed a workshop that outlines the science and assumptions behind FAID Quantum.  There are three clear objectives – to learn the functionality of the software, to understand the use of FAID Quantum within the context of a FRMS and how to interpret and use the output scores.

FRMS Policy & Procedures

Fatigue Risk Management Policy Procedures

FRMS Policy and Procedure Development assists organisations with building the foundations of an effective FRMS and guiding a business and its employees towards a safer, more productive way of working.

FRMS Reviews

Fatigue Risk Management Reviews

FRMS Reviews offer a valuable third-party perspective on the relevance of an organisation’s FRMS.  GRAID™ FRMS software is used as a starting point in the review process and highlights what areas of the FRMS require further analysis and development.  GRAID™ FRMS is an organisational fatigue risk-grading tool used to rate the adequacy of current and future safeguards which make up the organisation’s FRMS.

Accident Investigation Support

Accident Investigation Support

Accident and Incident Investigation Support using InterDynamics’ GRAID™ IT software assists organisations to determine when fatigue has been a contributing factor to an incident or accident and allows an organisation to identify any gaps in the FRMS and develop appropriate corrective actions.

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