What We Do

InterDynamics is a leading provider of decision support and risk management methodologies and software. Servicing an international market, our extensive client base spans the spectrum of shiftwork and safety-critical industries, including transportation, mining, logistics, healthcare and rail.

Fatigue Risk Management (FRM) Solutions
Helping businesses identify, assess and manage the risks associated with work-related fatigue at both operational and management levels. Our comprehensive Risk-Based Approach to managing fatigue facilitates the journey to being a safer, more productive organisation. Find out more

Decision Support Systems (DSS)
Helping organisations plan and schedule their business operations more effectively. Our advanced modelling services and interactive software products guide and inform critical resourcing decisions to ensure that even the most difficult decisions can be taken with confidence. Find out more

An offering like no other

This combined service offering is unique to InterDynamics. Other organisations may offer expertise in one of these areas, but we alone provide comprehensive support across both.

Our collaborative approach to customer service also helps us stand out from the crowd. Our experienced team can call on a wealth of problem-solving expertise to offer advice that is both practical and implementable.

In fact, innate intelligence is an important part of the InterDynamics offering. Along with our highly interactive planning tools, it is our unique insights that elevate us as a partner, and position us perfectly to help raise productivity, tackle critical resourcing issues and meet Work Health and Safety obligations.

Fatigue risks can be felt right across your organisation

A Fatigue Risk Management Solution can help by analysing your operations, informing your decisions and guiding the efficient deployment of human resources.

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