Safety Training Videos

Avatar Based Workplace Safety Training Videos

Workplace Safety Training Material That Gets Attention

Avatar based safety training videos will resonate with your teams. Better than words on a page our videos can show your safety scenarios and workplace procedures with characters in your uniforms and customised equipment. Imagine how much more interesting a Site Induction could be!

You can also incorporate documentation such as a Job Hazard Analysis, SWMS, Take 5 or Work Instruction. Our safety training videos also allow you to represent dangerous or unsafe activities with zero risk.

Modern and simple to keep up to date

Nothing is as distracting to a safety lesson as outdated visual content. It sabotages the gravity of the safety messages.

Avatar based training videos do not need to be re-shot if the task evolves or if your corporate uniform is changed. You simply advise us of the change and specify what’s changed and we can regenerate the video so your safety content remains current and relevant.

Avatar based safety training videos are applicable to any industry

Avatar Safety Training Videos have multiple applications and be used to demonstrate any workplace task or situation in any industry. We can create graphics for any industry including Rail, Aviation, Emergency Services, Trucking, Mining, Manufacturing, Marine, Military and more.

They can be used to demonstrate:

  • Equipment Usage
  • On-site Teamwork
  • Site Preparation
  • Warehouse Safety
  • Field Operations
  • Hygiene Practises
  • Emergency Preparation
  • Emergency Operations

The benefits of this technology

There is no need for professional actors or taking staff away from their jobs. Avatar based videos are produced digitally which also makes them quick to edit. If an extra step is added to a procedure we can add that for a fraction of the cost of creating another video.

Animated workplace safety videos are a powerful training tool and attention grabbing technique.

We service Australia and New Zealand

Backed by our technology partner PS Technology InterDynamics is able to provide this service to anyone in Australia and New Zealand and the wider Pacific/Asian region.

Contact InterDynamics today to discuss how our avatar based video safety training could be used in your business