How FAID Quantum Uses Conditions

FAID & KSS Conditions are displayed within FAID Quantum in relation to the Tolerance Levels (FTL & KTL) set.

Increasing, relative hours of work fatigue exposure is indicated within FAID Quantum by three (FAID & KSS) Conditions: Green, Yellow, and Red.

FAID Quantum categorises Conditions using the following scale:

FAID Score:

  • Red – FAID Score above the FTL
  • Yellow – within 10 FAID Score points of the FTL
  • Green – below the FTL by 10 or more FAID Score points

KSS Score:

  • Red – KSS above the KTL
  • Yellow – within 1 KSS point of the KTL
  • Green – below the KTL by 1 or more KSS points

FAID Quantum not only provides the number of minutes worked in the various Conditions for each shift, but also the percentage of time analysed overall at each Condition. The percentage of time in the Red Condition representing the percentage of Non-Compliance to the Tolerance Level (KTL & FTL).

FAID Quantum also reports ‘Compliance’, which represents the total percentage of time worked below the Tolerance Level (that is in the Green and Yellow Conditions).

Condition colouring of shifts within the ‘Fatigue Plot’ represent the peak Condition achieved within each shift, and should not be read as indicating that the entire shift was in this Condition.