InterDynamics’ 20th Anniversary

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In August 1992 InterDynamics began with a nascent simulation language, SimView (now called Planimate), and a vision to show the world how whole systems worked and interacted. Over the last twenty years Planimate has matured to an extremely powerful tool for modelling systems.

Our experiences have taught us how to create decision support solutions utilising simulation as a core feature. Our capability has extended to include human interaction in systems through the acquisition of fatigue assessment technology from the University of South Australia. This technology was implemented as our flagship Fatigue Assessment Tool, FAID.

In the mid 2000’s, with the assistance of Zurich Risk Engineering, we adapted rigorous risk engineering methodologies to the assessment of human fatigue and business interruption. This partnership lead to the development of our Hazard Analysis and Risk Grading tools HAZAID and GRAID.

Over the past two decades we have had the privilege of working with some of the largest enterprises in Logistics, Manufacturing, Mining, Rail and Aviation. Our continuing relationships with the likes of Aurizon, BHP Billiton, Alcoa, easyJet, Union Pacific and Hitachi has allowed us to grow and develop. Working on such major projects as logistics scheduling for Sydney 2000 Olympics and The World Trade Centre (NYC) rebuild has refined and proven our skills on the world stage.

Today we offer valuable software, services and solutions to our clients helping them understand how their production, business and supply chain systems work and behave. With our assistance, our clients have been better able to manage their staff, assets and operations in a holistic way, reducing their risk and improving the efficiency and productivity of their systems.

InterDynamics, its staff, board and shareholders can be rightfully proud of what has been achieved over the last twenty years.

To celebrate and affirm our achievements and capabilities we have, with the help of Lloyd Grey Design, consolidated our diverse offerings, refreshed our brand image and are pleased to see it reflected in our new web site, stationary and promotional material.

I look forward to the next twenty years.

Peter Page
Managing Director

InterDynamics - Navigating Complexity. Delivering Clarity.

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