Announcing FAID Quantum

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InterDynamics is very excited to announce FAID Quantum, incorporating the best available sleep prediction technology to deliver a quantum leap forward in bio-mathematical modelling for fatigue risk management.

FAID Quantum features include:

  • The ultimate accuracy in sleep-wake prediction
  • New bio-mathematical modelling based on real-world data
  • Peer-reviewed, documented scientific model
  • Can incorporate your actual sleep-wake data
  • Incorporates time zone and circadian disruption calculations
  • Output in two scales – KSS and FAID
  • A cost-effective management solution
  • Easy to use for large data sets

FAID Quantum has been developed from research conducted by Dr David Darwent in conjunction with Professor Drew Dawson and Dr Greg Roach of the Appleton Institute.
It uses the best sleep-wake predictor algorithms that have yet been published in international peer-reviewed literature.
Based upon what may be the largest database of quality sleep-wake data in the world, incorporating nearly 15,000 days and nights of data collected from various industries, including long-haul aviation, to underpin predictions.

View the FAID Quantum Product Brochure

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