Fatigue Risk Management

InterDynamics has over 20 years’ experience supporting organisations to successfully manage fatigue in the workplace.

A comprehensive fatigue risk management solution (FRMS) is vital both to manage the risks and meet work safety regulations. Those businesses that recognise the risks will be best placed to understand the issues, and control them with confidence.

Fatigue-related risk is a growing issue – and a global one. As industries increasingly service extended hours and shift work patterns, work-related fatigue has emerged as a symptom of the modern-day business landscape.

InterDynamics offers consulting services, roster diagnostics and sleep-wake prediction software to ensure your business  is safer and compliant.

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Fatigue Risk Management Products

InterDynamics has a range of FRMS products which can assist your organisation in its journey towards a robust Risk Management System:

  • FAID Quantum – Fatigue Assessment Tool
  • GRAID FRMS – rates the adequacy of an FRMS
  • HAZAID – used in Fatigue Hazard Analysis to assess risks
  • GRAID IT – rates the likelihood of fatigue contributing to an incident

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fatigue risk management

A quantum leap forward in biomathematical modelling incorporating sleep-wake prediction together with analysis of the work-rest schedules of personnel to produce scores in the Karolinska Sleepiness Scale (KSS) and the original FAID Score for comparison.  A cost effective tool, with options available for different sized organisations, to manage fatigue in the workplace more effectively.

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Fatigue Risk Management Consulting Services

InterDynamics offers a wide range of FRMS Services from Hours of Work Diagnostics to Managing Fatigue Surveys and Sleep Studies (to name just a few).  These services provide valuable assistance to organisations wishing to implement a comprehensive FRMS which will have multiple layers of protection to help manage work related fatigue risks more effectively.

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