GRAID FRMS™ – Organisational Fatigue Risk Grading

Developed by InterDynamics and Integrated Safety Support, GRAID FRMS is an organisational fatigue risk-grading tool, used to rate the adequacy of current and future safeguards, making up an organisation’s Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS). Twenty-four fatigue grading elements or risk factors, assigned varying levels of importance, are reviewed. At the end of the review an overall grading is determined, providing feedback on the level of protection of the organisation’s FRMS against fatigue-related risks. This systematic assessment tool gives participants the opportunity to express their views on fatigue-related exposures and risks that are grounded both in objective data as well as participants’ experience.

InterDynamics and Zurich Risk Engineering have developed the organisational fatigue risk grading system to provide senior and operational managers of organisations a systematic methodology to ascertain the quality of their organisational risks associated with fatigue. Information from the grading process can be used to enhance the development and implementation of the organisation’s fatigue risk management initiatives.

GRAID FRMS Grading Details noting Risk Factors, Importance and Exposure as it is now and what the organisation wishes it to be

GRAID FRMS Scorecard and Grading Report

Applied as a benchmarking tool, GRAID FRMS can be used at a later stage to compare current and past results to document any achievements and changes in the organisation’s FRMS.

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