I currently have FAID Standard v2.2.1 and have heard about a new version, FAID Quantum, can you tell me more and can I get it?

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FAID Quantum is a quantum leap forward in biomathematical modelling for fatigue risk management. FAID Quantum offers the ultimate accuracy in sleep-wake prediction with outputs in two scales, Karolinska Sleepiness Scale (KSS) and FAID Scores. There are three documents available in Resources and Media for more information Moving Over To FAID Quantum as well as a more in-depth documents What you need to know about FAID Quantum, and BMM Warning.

To align all users to a similar product interface; current FAID Standard Licences will now be moved over to FAID Quantum Licences, but only the FAID Score analysis and output results will be available. If you would like to upgrade to receive the KSS analysis and outputs, then an upgrade fee is required. NOTE: InterDynamics will recognise the initial licence fee paid for the FAID Standard Licence and will credit this, and any current annual support fees, when upgrading to FAID Quantum (with both KSS and FAID Score results).

For further information, or to discuss how to convert your FAID Standard v2.2.1 licence to a FAID Quantum licence, email enquire@interdynamics.com today.

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