What format is your data file?

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FAID Quantum uses comma delimited text files with an ‘.fqw’ (FAID Quantum Work Schedule) file extension. The files have no header information.

There is one task/shift/rostered activity record per line containing three compulsory fields of information (ID, Start, End), with optional fields like Task Risk, Origin, Destination, Activity Code, Location Start and Location End.  The optional fields need to be turned on within the Settings section of FAID Quantum:

ID can be text (i.e. a person’s name), or value (i.e. payroll number) used to identify an employee or planned sequence of shifts (“line of work”).

Start and End are the date and time of the task – FAID Quantum writes these in “dd mmm yyyy hhmm” format but is quite versatile in interpreting (reading) most common date/time formats.

Task Risk (if using multiple Tolerance Levels) must be one of “Low”, “Moderate”, or “High”

For example:

Smith,1 Nov 2017 0900,1 Nov 2017 1730,Moderate

Smith,2 Nov 2017 0900,2 Nov 2017 1730,Low


View a sample .fqw file

Sample Work Schedule (12.9 KiB)

Additional information on generating this data using Microsoft Excel can be found in the I am having trouble entering and manipulating data for importing, what do you recommend? FAQ.

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