Managing Fatigue Surveys

Our Managing Fatigue Survey is a key element within our Risk-Based Approach to managing fatigue. It surveys staff about their attitudes and experience of fatigue, and summarises the data in a report back to the organisation.

The questionnaire takes around ten minutes for employees to complete, but provides valuable insight into the individual experience of fatigue and fatigue management within an organisation.

As well as being a vital staff engagement tool, the questionnaire provides a practical mechanism that:

  • Captures an individual’s approach to fatigue management.
  • Explores current sleeping conditions and coping strategies.
  • Reveals work and non-work related inhibitors to achieving quality sleep.
  • Allows staff to comment on the organisation’s current strategies.
  • Assesses engagement with the company’s FRMS policies and procedures.

This anonymous survey can be sent to staff either as an emailed web link, a PDF document or a double-sided printed form. While a single survey provides a useful snapshot of current views of fatigue, multiple implementations are more effective in gauging company culture with regard to fatigue management.

Upon completion of the questionnaires, feedback is collated and reported back to the organisation, where it can help inform action plans, operational practices and internal communications.

Graph depicting longest block of consecutive hours

Results for Question:  What is the longest block of consecutive shifts you regularly work?

Respondents who work between 10pm and 6am

Results for Question:  How often do you work between 10pm and 6am?

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