Managing Fatigue Training Workshops

Our 2.5-hour workshop on managing fatigue will help provide answers to your questions relating to fatigue and it’s impact on the workplace. It is designed to engage employees that are involved in non-standard working hours, and inform them about the risks associated with fatigue.

This interactive forum provides a relaxed environment in which employees are encouraged to explore their own attitudes towards fatigue, and understand the view that safety is a responsibility shared by employee and employer.

The workshop has a number of key objectives:

  • To enable employees to recognise fatigue
  • To provide practical information and the skills needed to manage fatigue
  • To increase safety
  • To help reduce the impact of fatigue
  • To increase communication around fatigue
  • To help balance work and rest of life activities
Managing Fatigue Training Workshop booklet distributed to each participant

Managing Fatigue Training Workshop booklet – distributed to each of the workshop participants

Our Managing Fatigue Training Workshops can be customised to suit the needs of our clients and can include on-line delivery.

Feedback on this workshop has been overwhelmingly positive – we have collected a selection of the responses to our participant client survey.

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